Monday, May 21, 2007

Wings at Ducks - Tues - 9pm

In the spirit of the summer of movie sequels laid out before us we present The Return of the Son of the Revenge of Detroit vs. Anaheim. And, in keeping with the spirit of most sequels, things are looking like they could turn for the worse with the Ducks up 3-1 in the series. We here at Hockey Night in Chinatown do recognize that this situation is essential, however, for the Wings to whip them Ducks good on their own crappy ice and turn things into a triumphant Godfather II, or at least a compelling (and invigorating) Where the Boys Aren't 7.

So send your brother fishing with one of your henchmen, put away the hand lotion and come on down to...

Hockey Night in Chinatown

Fontanas 105 Eldridge St.
(btw: Broome Street and Grand Street)

Tuesday - May 22, '07
from 9:00pm to 12 midnight or so.
(Still Stupid West Coast)

The Detroit Redwings at The Anaheim Ducks - Game 6 - Ducks up 3-2.

Here's a terrible video highlighting the fact that hockey and porn go together about as well as every member city of the NHL Pacific Division and Hockey.
If you can bear to watch the whole thing, we'll give you a pretzel. (Don't bother, we'll give you two if you don't.)

If your 11 year old can't figure out why the ice sucks so much in Anaheim and is so good in Edmonton, take him or her to a doctor. If they can figure out why the Rangers have such lousy ice, buy them an X-box 360.

Keep Hockey Cold!

Scotty, we love you.

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