Monday, April 30, 2007

Sabres at Rangers - Ducks at Canucks-8pm Tues

It's really not our fault that this is the first Hockey Night in Chinatown of the Playoffs.
But here we are, 3rd games of the 2nd round and ready to go.

The dopey reasons for our absence are multitude and mostly fictitious.

Suffice it to say, we lay most of the blame on Commissioner Gary Bettman.
Send your cards, letters and dead rats in shoe boxes to:
Gary Bettman

c/o The National Hockey League

1251 Ave. of the Americas

New York, NY 10020

If you want to visit them in person, our advice is to try and go in right after Tim does.

Most of the security guards' tazers are out of juice by the time they get him down.

Be warned that we suspect most of the security at NHL HQ is very large and very

upset at not playing professional hockey.

After your arraignment, why not swing by...

Hockey Night in Chinatown


105 Eldridge St.

(btw: Broome Street and Grand Street)

Tuesday - May 1, '07

from 7:00 to 12 or so.

7pm Buffalo Sabres at New York Rangers

10:30 Anaheim Ducks at Vancouver Canucks

Oh, here's something that'll confuse and amaze you.

Guy Lafleur made some sort of disco/hockey album.

What could go wrong?

Guy, we love you, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Gary Bettman is an idiot. The only thing he has done for the NHL is ruin it.