Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No Hockey = No Hockey Night in Chinatown.

We held out a faint hope that Detroit and Calgary would go to seven games and we'd be able to get the ball rolling HNIC'town-wise, but the Flames lost their minds at the end of the 5th game on Saturday and started thugging it up (in a wholly unimpressive and feeble manner.)

Johan Franzen, recipient of a stick whacking from 18 second sub goalie Jamie McLennan, took his time (a little more than 4 periods, in fact) and served up his revenge ice cold.

Thusly, no hockey to watch Tuesday night. Unless Monday night's Dallas and Vancouver game manages to go something like 67 overtime periods. And like my Pa always said," Nobody plays any good after 30 overtime periods." (Accurate advice, though not terribly useful.)

Anyway that's what's up.
Hockey Night in Chinatown will return as soon as they play hockey on Hockey Night in Chinatown.

Just like MacArthur.


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