Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Calgary Flames at Detroit Red Wings - 7pm Tue 27 '07

Here at Hockey Night in Chinatown we are thankful for:
1. William Scott Bowman.
2. Hockeyyyyyyyy!!!
3. Labatt Blue.
4. Satan ( No, not Miroslav Satan, but Old Nick, the Prince of Darkness, that little guy on the Underwood Ham Can.)
5. The Pens beating the Senators the night before Thanksgiving.
6. Those wonderful, magical beer mugs at Madison Square Garden with the built in pretzel rod holder. Genius.
7. Astroqueen, and really Scandinavians in general. From Henriks Zetterberg and Lundquist to the Hellacopters to Jarko Ruutu (who got the game winning shoot-out goal for #5, go figure) to Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite ( an essential tool in our work here at HNIC't.)
8. The Rangers are finally rolling.
9. That it's still only November (Come on Pens!)
10. The 11 foot thick blast doors at the Hockey Night in Chinatown Corporate Bunker (sometimes to keep things out, mostly to keep things in.)

So choke down yet another turkey sandwich and waddle on down to...
Hockey Night in

105 Eldridge St.

(btw: Broome Street and Grand Street)

Tuesday - November 27, '07

from 7:00pm 'till the police show up 'cause we committed a felony on one of the kick-ball party kids.

This week:

The Calgary Flames at The Detroit Red Wings.

We were going to have a list of stuff we weren't thankful for as well but we got to "Gary Bettman" and "The Canadiens losing back to back games to the Sabres," when Rev. Timmy punched himself so hard in the face that we had to take him to the infirmary at the HNIC't Corporate Bunker. Once there, we overpowered the staff, got all goofy on Percocet and Demoral, gave each other adrenaline shots and held rather noisy and uncoordinated wheelchair races the rest of the night. The infirmary staff were paid to keep quiet and have since all been issued side arms. What could go wrong?

Once again,

We are thankful for the blast doors.

Scotty, we love you.

Again...Blast doors.

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