Monday, November 5, 2007

New York Rangers at New York Islanders - 7pm - Nov. 6, '07

If you wondered why time and space seemed to warp slightly this last Saturday night in the New York Metropolitan Area before you had ingested whatever gear you use to get your third eye open and keep your spiritual five-hole closed we can explain it quickly and simply.
Our hero in all things (not just hockey) William Scott Bowman was in attendance at the Nassau Veterans' Memorial Coliseum to drop the puck for Al Arbour's 1500th game as coach of the Isles and alas, 740th win and 782th victory overall (second only to Scotty.)
The Islanders beat the Penguins and the Leafs beat the Canadiens, so after both losses Rev. Timmy disappeared into the catwalks over the workshop grabbing most of our new pornography and all of our Rye, but not before vandalizing the bumper pool table in a manner so foul, so inhumanly brutal, that our lunchtime bumper pool tournament was not only canceled, but all references to it in our records have been expunged.
would not reappear until after Monday night when the Pens, the Rangers and the Habs all came in with shutouts. We're not really sure how he watches the games up there but the blood curdling hollers and smashing glass do seem to coincide with the progress of the games (His favorites are "Go stand by the fucking goalie!!!" and "I don't know whether to cry or wind my watch!")

So expunge yourself off (oof!) and saunter on down to...
Hockey Night in Chinatown
105 Eldridge St.
(btw: Broome Street and Grand Street)

Tuesday - Nov 6, '07
from 7:00pm to 10pm or so.
The New York Rangers at the New York Islanders.

Space-time shenanigans must've been afoot in Toronto as well Saturday night as Don Cherry had nice things to say about Saku Koivu AND Jaromir Jagr.

In other, sort of, hockey news our good buddy Mike Jay got one through his lovely wife Libby's "five hole" about nine months ago (eww, that sounds kinda extra filthy, sorry) and we are excited to welcome to the planet the newest Red Wings fan:
Miss Adelaide Wilde Jay!

Momma and baby are doing just dandy. As are the Red Wings.
Saké Mike's
convinced that they're so bad ass this year that we should send them over to Iraq to clean house and then have them take care of global warming and digital music rights.

Our gal Miss Jilly is so excited she's throwing an after Hockey Night in Chinatown and Welcome Miss Adelaide Jay Party at:
St. Jerome's
155 Rivington St. btw Clinton and Rivington
10PM till the cows come home.
So stop on by, or the terrorists win.

The whole Red Wings cleaning up the middle east is enticing, but that would violate our prime directive here at Hockey Night in Chinatown:

Keep Hockey Cold!

Death to Islamic Hockey Scum!!!

Not really, but it was just too silly to resist. And anyway they started it... After we sorta started it...ummmmm...errrr...

Addy, Gracie, Libby, Mikey, Scotty, we love you!

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