Monday, December 17, 2007

No Hockey Night in Chinatown - Happy Holidays!

At last week's Hockey Night in Chinatown, during one of the bloodiest games of yuletide mumbly peg in recent memory, Saké Mike managed to relieve some poor fella of his Rangers/Penguins tickets for this Tuesday night (and a goodly portion of his blood. We had to send one of the interns for orange juice, sugar cookies and two rolls of paper towels.)

Since Rev. Timmy was instrumental in Mike's victory, through an elaborate system of key jangling and name calling, he was selected to join the expedition up to Madison Square Garden. Dave was just as happy as he's been looking forward all year to staying home and watching hockey in HD in his underwear with Amon Amarth blaring and a fresh chicken parm sandwich delivered at the start of every period.

Alas, this was to be the first Hockey Night in Chinatown in HD all year, but we got a chance to go see it in highest definition (assuming Mike and Timmy can get all the blood of their eyeglasses.)

We'll be off during the holiday season, or more accurately exporting Hockey Night in Chinatown to several outlying locations like Flint, MI, Akron, OH, Armonk NY, Raleigh, NC (Does Akron have a Chinatown? Is it just that store that sells monkey hand ashtrays and tiger penis tea?)

We'll also be planning our gala Hockey Night in Chinatown Salutes Elvis Aaron Presley Celebration and Pagent to coincide with the first HNIC't of next year on Jan. 8, '08.
Till then we wish you and yours the sincerest non-specific winter holiday greetings our tiny black atheist hearts can muster.
(We will not believe in, nor even tolerate any deity that would allow Phoenix to have a NHL Team. Let alone one that would permit said team to drub the Rangers 5-1. This is not the way to get Peace on Earth.)


Scotty Bowman to all, and to all a good night!

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