Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lightning at Rangers - Avalanche at Red Wings - 7pm - Tues, Jan 8, '08

Here's hoping whatever annual gift-man came your way during the end of the year did you right.
He blessed us here at Hockey Night in Chinatown with an excellent Winter Classic with Sid winning it for the Pens in a shoot out amid flurries and wind and giant sink holes in the ice (sorry Lil.) Also, some people actually watched it on their televisions! Go figure.

But hopefully you've stowed your holiday gear and are ready for the real reason for the season: The 73rd birthday of our Lord and Savior:
Elvis Aaron Presley.

Sure that Jesus guy made enough fish and bread to feed everyone, but did he make it with Ann Margret?

So come down offa that cross (we can use the wood) and point your pelvis to...
Hockey Night
in Chinatown


105 Eldridge St.

(btw: Broome Street and Grand Street)

Tuesday - October 30, '07

from 7:00pm 'till Elvis shows up (No, I swear, I seen 'im!)

The Tamps Bay Lightning at the New York Rangers in HD!

The Colorado Avalanche at the Detroit Red Wings.

It's looking like '08 is gonna treat us much better than '07. There's a healthy dose of HD games on Tuesdays to come with the Habs and the Pens both playing locally. The Hockey News put the depth charts back in. The Red Wings are ruling the NHL and most everyone Rev. Timmy likes is on the rise (which makes life soooooooo much easier here in the HNIC't Corporate Bunker, believe me. Those blast doors are not just for show.)
It ain't November no more.
Skate, Shoot, Score you fuckers!

C'mon Rangers! Get on your pony!

We're just a hunka hunka burnin' Scotty!

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