Monday, March 3, 2008

No Hockey Night in Chinatown - (New York Islanders at New York Rangers) - Tues 4 Mar '08

Fortuna has spun her wheel (Oh Gracie, my valve!) and all our boys seem to be doing just dandy. The Rangers are hitting on all cylinders, especially that Dubinsky kid, and have gone 7-1-2 in their last 10 games. The Habs and the Pens tied for 1st in the Eastern Conference and the Red Wings seem to have broken whatever funky atomic voodoo gypsy curse they had going throughout February (turns out even the Wings can't rule the world without their serious defencemen.)
Frankly, we're terrified.
If life (that is: hockey) has taught us one thing it's, well, go stand in the slot and shoot the goddamn puck!
But if it's taught us two things it's that any joy in this world is usually a set up for a really big fall (right Patriots? 18 and 1, baby!)
Rev. Timmy is constantly toiling at the Scotty Bowman Altar of Hockey, lighting candles and making sure the pentagram in front of it always has fresh goat blood. Saké Mike has been praying to Odin with a Rosary made exclusively of teeth knocked out by Bob Probert. And Dave has been surfing the web ( he may be the only one of the boys with any perspective at all.)
And what has all this gotten us?
Fontanas has some sort of non-hockey related activity that has preempted our Hockey Night in Chinatown (At least we're pretty sure it's not hockey related. I mean, and then not to invite us? That would be kinda messed up, right? We've been watching hockey there for a couple of years. You don't think they found some other guys to throw a rock n' roll hockey party do you? Did they say anything to you? I don't know, like, something like they're unhappy or we're growing apart or they want to see other rock n' roll hockey parties? Will you do us a favor? Will you pass them a note in study hall?)

We were trying to find another bar to watch hockey in but no one was very keen on having large drunk guys yelling at their flat screen TV and singing along, loudly and badly, to Astroqueen's "Landslide" followed by them laughing and high-fiving each other to Bootsy Collins Records.
Go figure.

NO Hockey Night at Fontanas

You can watch the Isles at the Rangers at 7pm on MSG (Ch. 27 Lower Manhattan Cable)

We'll probably end up watching it over at Rev. Timmy's so if you're coming out, give a call!

Scotty, we love you.

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