Monday, March 24, 2008

Sorta No HNIC't - Pens at Devils - Flyers at Rangers - 25 March '08

So they kicked us outta Fontanas this week so they could scrape all the cruddy, messed up ice off and lay down a thin layer of hot water that will quickly freeze, leaving a pristine playing surface to start the playoff portion of the season. If only there were a machine to do this quickly and easily during intermission leaving time for the Pee-wees to play for 9 minutes first. Even if some guy in California invented it back in the '40's.

More useful to us here at Hockey Night in Chinatown would be some sort of device to do the same thing to Rev. Timmy's Brain.

With the Habs and Pens both bouncing around first place in the Eastern Conference and the Rangers in the catbird seat to stomp whatever punk-ass team the Southeast Division coughs up, our Not-quite-right Rev. Timmy James has been extra excited (and therefore, extra, extra, troublesome) for the last week or so.

Anyway, if we can find a straight jacket that fits him and doesn't make him think his butt looks big we're gonna try and take him out to...

(formerly The Rook, Big Lugz, 85A. Beneath what was formerly Kim's Video. Way before that it was a Dutch farm.)

85 Ave A - Downstairs

(btw 5th & 6th St.)

7pm till the guys with big butterfly nets come to get us.

The Pittsburgh Penguins at the New Jersey Devils

The Philadelphia Flyers at the New York Rangers

Call one of the boys first as Rev. Timmy can be very picky about what restraints he wears in public.
We had this great ball gag for him once, but he said it didn't match his eyes.

When the Gods
want to punish you

they grant
all your wishes.

Back at Fontanas next week.

Scotty, we love you.

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