Monday, May 5, 2008

No Hockey 'till Thursday, Phew.

Alas, the Rangers are out in 5, after playing a giant hearted 3rd period and OT on Sunday afternoon against the Penguins. We had to wrap a cold, wet towel around Rev. Timmy's head during that one and even so, he ended up swallowing an ashtray and rolling around on the floor like he was maced (wait, did we mace him or not? It's so hard to keep track of who's getting maced around here.) Heck, Dave even complained of palpitations and couldn't finish his chicken parm sandwich (when he couldn't finish his sandwich, we called the doctor immediately.)

We thought we would never get the boys to bed when the Stars and the Sharks decided to go for 4 Overtime periods. That's a whole 'nother hockey game and a bit.
Just as the boys were getting cranky ("I'm not tired!) Brett Morrow's PP goal finished off the Sharks and Dallas was on to the next round.

Which doesn't start until Thursday.

So get some rest, visit with your family and maybe take a shower (Dude, take a shower.)

We'll be back next Tuesday with the Pens vs. the Flyers (Boooooooooooo!Hissssssss!)

Scotty, we love you.

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