Monday, November 17, 2008

Minnesota Wild at Pittsburgh Penguins - 7pm - Tuesday - 18 November 2008

In keeping with the overall international flavor of Hockey Night in Chinatown this week we are saluting Hispanic Heritage History Month which was officially back in September when we had barely chased all the raccoons out of the Hockey Night in Chinatown Corporate Bunker ( stupid crafty raccoons!) Perhaps surprisingly (or perhaps not, really we have no guess as to what goes on in the minds of our subscribers. Little interest, neither.) there's a healthy handful of serious hockey folk who hail from South of the Border (lazy Mexicans, taking all of our jobs!) There's Raffi Torres who now skates for the Blue Jackets and Alvaro "Al" Montoya who was drafted 6th overall in 2004 by our very own Rangers only to be traded to Phoenix for the personnel equivalent of a hand full of beans. Not even magical beans. Right here in town with the Isles is Bill Guerin whose momma is Nicaraguan, and of course the Rangers have good old Scotty Gomez.

By far, however, our favorite hockey personality of hispanic descent (patent pending) is Hockey Night in Chinatown's very own Peppy. His dedication and devotion to Hockey Night in Chinatown has given us one of the greatest gifts we could ever have: Coming out regularly to drink beer and listen to records and watch hockey at Fontanas on Tuesday nights. Doesn't sound like much? Well, why haven't we seen you there? (Oh right, work-kids-wives-homes-outta-town, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.)

On top of that, he's been bouncing in and out of the top spot in the Hockey Night in Chinatown Corporate Bunker Fantasy Hockey League since we started the thing. Michigan born (Flint, Michigan born, thank you very much) Saké Mike started strong but seems on his way down to meet his fellow rust-belter Rev. Timmy at the bottom (and his grandparents were from Peterborough.) Grosse Pointe native Mike Jay, solidly in third, is the only fella from anywhere near Hockeytown to get his fantasy on (but he's got a wife and babies to go home to. Hmmm, maybe we should rethink makin' fun of that.) Still, it's a shame to see all that Irish-German-Midwest-Cracker Paleness go to waste, don't you think.

Also, this last weekend Saké Mike claims that Peppy was personally responsible for Hank Lundqvist's stellar save on Patrice Bergeron's shoot-out shot by Pep wearing his Lundqvist sweater to the game and carrying on like some sort of Puerto Rican goalie cheering machine. In fact after they got back from the game Saké Mike burst into the HNIC't Corporate Bunker, chased all the single(ish) women out of the Graphic Design Dojo, stood in front of Dave Guadalahorowitz, pointed a finger in his face and yelled "Hockey Baditos!"

was so taken aback he had to pause his Apple TV.
Of course then he had to manufacture the above flyer.
(Just so you know, Guadalahorowitz has barely anything to do with Dave, let alone hockey or hispanics.)

The single(ish) ladies eventually filtered back in. Unhurt, but visibly shaken.

So sneak across the border, make like some manner of unkind ethnically stereotypical legume and hop into...
Noche del hockey en Chiñatown

105 Eldridge St.
(btw: Broome Street and Grand Street)
Martes - November 18, 2008
from 7:00pm till we bust open a dodgeball kid like a piñata (that's right, the dodgeball kids are back. ¡Olé!)
This week:
The Minñesota Wild at the Pittsburgh Peñguins
(sorry, we were just excited to find the thing that made the wavy line thingy above the n)

Also, Fontanas is laying in a whole bunch of Tecate.

Arrrrrrrrriba Hockeyyyyyy!

Or something like that. We just kinda crammed the usual stuff into Babel Fish.

Scotty, le amamos.

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