Monday, December 15, 2008

Caps at Isles - Devils at Leafs - Rangers at Ducks - 7pm - Tues - 16 Dec '08

Rev. Timmy, Saké Mike and Mrs. Saké Mike went out to The Prudential Center to a) Cheer on the Rangers and b) watch some good hockey. Instead they got to watch the Devils score 8 goals.

Let's do that last bit again.
They got to watch the New Jersey Devils score 8 goals on the Rangers and Henrik Lundqvist.
(Christ, the Rangers let in 2(!!!) shorthanded goals!)

Peppy was supposed to go but he was home sick with some bug. Seems like something's going around, and we mean around the NHL. Most of our favorite teams have been, to be generous, a little off.

When Rev. Timmy and Saké Mike got back to the Hockey Night in Chinatown Corporate Bunker they seemed a little glassy eyed and bewildered (not for the usual reasons, neither) and just sat in the lobby area staring at Charlene the Receptionist.

The only thing that got them moving at all was repeated high volume playings of Prince Far I records.

Not terribly conducive to getting anything done. Dave refused to even come out of the Graphics Dojo and we had to make this week's flyer down at the local Kinko's out of one of the few magazine pictures of Lindsey Lohan that remain "unused" as we call it around here.

Sorry, not very Christmas-y either. Feel free to make your own Ho-ho-ho joke if that's what it takes to get you in the mood.

So slip on your Scott Stevens sweater, crank the volume up to "eye ball rattling" on your sound system trailer and skank* on down to...
Hockey Night in Chinatown

105 Eldridge St.

(btw: Broome Street and Grand Street)

Tuesday - 16 December, 2008

from 7:00pm till we've stopped staring at Charlene the Receptionist.

This week:

The Washington Capitals at the New York Islanders

The New Jersey Devils at the Toronto Maple Leafs

The New York Rangers at the Anaheim Ducks

(starts at 10pm, limited DJ support)

Dave Guadalahorowitz and Rev. Timmy will be playing tunes all night, but the Fontanas folks insist that they retreat to the DJ booth after 10pm.
(If you think about it, it just makes good sense. Or at least more sense than letting them play records in your bar in the first place.)
We think they'll let us keep the Rangers game on, if only to avoid 2 1/2 solid hours of "Please?! Can we?! Please?! Can we?! Awwww, you're mean!"

One bright spot from the trip to The Rock was to remind us all of something we get cheated out of here in New York at Madison Square Garden:
Ice Strippers!
Rev. Timmy
keeps calling them "Ice Hookers" and we just know that's gonna lead to a hilarious (for us) and painful (for him, tee hee) interaction of some sort. Heck, if he keeps up the way he's been going, there might even be a story on the front page of the paper (Just think, hockey (sort of) on the front page of the paper!)

Here's some Ice Girls, not to be confused with either Ice Strippers or Ice Hookers, as they perform the very important task of clearing off the snow from the rink and skating around in mini-skirts.
Oh, and using shovels! Hubba hubba!

Hockey to all!

to all a good Hockeyyyyyy!

See youse guys on January 5th! Now we gotta finish (start) our Christmas shopping.
Can a 4 year old wear a Men's size small hockey sweater or should we sew the neck and arm holes shut and call it a sleeping bag?

God rest ye merry gentle Scotty.

(Dave came up with that one years ago.
Still fun though.)
*That's "Rasta" skank, not "skeezy girl" skank, in case you're interested. Sheesh, give Miss Lindsey a break. Remember what a knucklehead you were back when you were 20 years old? And I bet way back then Meryl Streep never called you a great young actor, did she? We're betting you weren't even cool enough to look for Prince Far I records. Too busy with your 12 sided die and your +12 Charisma, we're guessing.

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